Grappe alle erbe alpine

Category: Aromatic grappas

Capacity: Lt. 0,20/0,50

Alcohol: 38% vol.

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ALPINE HERB GRAPPA – a selection of herbs, berries and roots from Trentino are placed in bottles, which are then filled with fine grappa - made from 100% pomace - and left to rest for several months, until the infusion has harmonised colour and flavours perfectly. Excellent served with desserts, strawberries, or crostini with truffles or parmesan shavings.

JUNIPER – aromatic and intense
LIQUORICE – soft and perfumed
GENTIAN – bitter
RUE – aromatic and intense
MIXED HERBS – aromatic and intense
PINE - aromatic and intense
SWEET WOODRUFF – aromatic and intense 

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