Our grappasThe word “grappa” describes a drink made from the pomace (grape skins, stalks and seeds left over from the winemaking process) that is used exclusively in Italian pomace-based acquavits. The development, flavours and different types of grappas created by Giori Distillati Trentini make them unique. In fact, our range comprises grappas that are young and white: that are bottled straight from the distillation process, before they undergo any age-related transformation. Which leaves them crystalline in colour, with a delicate nose and a dry, decisive and clean taste. Reserve and well matured grappas: undergo at least 2 years’ aging in oak barrels, todevelop colours from pale straw, to a rich, warm honey that are soft and delicate on the palate. Aromatic grappas are made with the pomace from Moscat or Muller Thurgau grapes. Flavoured grappas are a blend of grappa and herbs, roots or fruit. We make all our grappas with love, in small copper, bain-marie stills, using the dis-continuous method. And submit them to rigorous quality control by the Istituto Tutela grappa del Trentino. That’s why they are so excellent. And that’s why they have won numerous awards: the Alambicco d’oro, the Vinitaly grappa tasting award, and the Premio Acqueviti d'oro, to name just a few. The Giori family