Our Liqueurs - Technology, imagination and a dedication to excellence are indispensible to any liqueur company that wante to develop a product range that’s worthy of its clients’ attention.
Giori Distillati Trentini is proud to have always been market leaders in this. Way back in 1947, we were the first company to develop and launch a complete range of fruit liqueurs and grappas. We led the field again in the ‘70s by launching a line of cream-based liqueurs. With our company’s philosophy of innovation and industry, our clients have always loved Giori Distillati Trentini’s innovative product range, where the quality and authenticity of all our products puts us in a class of our own. Giori Family

Our fruit - Our soft and ripe fruits are carefully selected from those grown in Italy. We then prepare them for bottling with all the passion and skill we’ve built up over the last 30 years. Because this is how we, at Giori Distillati Trentini, can offer you such a wide selection. Our pack sizes range from those for patisseries and ice-cream parlours, those for restaurants and wine bars, right down to the attractively packaged selections that even the most demanding of gift buyers will love.
Gioice – all Trentino’s nature and goodness. When our professional clients needed a dedicated range of products, we leapt at the chance to expand our range to include a new line of specialist products for the ice-cream and patisserie industries. That’s why Gioce blends all the experience, know-how and Giori philosophy to meet the needs of this specialist group. And it’s why we are constantly working to extend this range and find ways to improve on the already excellent quality of its products.