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    70 years of quality & passion!

  • Giori = Family!

  • Project & quality

    And GIORI combines this genius and passion with a serious commitment to quality and processes, to create every single product in its range.

  • Trentino in a bottle

Who we are

Founded in 1946 by Ferruccio Giori, Giori Distillati Trentini has today become one of the leading and most prestigious Trentino producers of grappa and Liqueurs. Over the years, the Giori company has grown steadily, renovating itself but always with traditional values in mind, values that from the beginning have been an inspiration; passion, intuition, genuineness, experience.

Giori Distillati Trentini, renowned for it’s innovative characteristics, continuously demonstrating dynamic and flexible talent. Giori is a modern company, quick to respond, attentative to consumer tastes and demands. The company is divided into 3 divisions: distillati trentini (grappa’s and liqueurs), import-export, and Gioice (products for ice cream and pastry making). All these divisions are controlled by a numerous and highly qualified sales force that continually expand Giori’s product distribution, both in Italy and in export markets.

...Not just grappa …...

… this isn’t just a slog, it’s our company’s vision of the future. One where our wealth of experience is firmly rooted in our history.

“Not just grappa” recognises how GIORI’s genius for grappa - confirmed by national and international awards – goes well beyond a description of a single product. It describes the company itself.

GIORI’s passion for its many connoisseurs and for the region we come from, infuses every product in its range – from the grappa, to the fresh fruit steeped in alcohol, liqueurs, and grappa jelly sweets, to its cocktails, artisanal cakes and products for ice cream.

And GIORI combines this genius and passion with a serious commitment to quality and processes, to create every single product in its range.

Through its passion for research, its rigorous production methods and love of tradition, over the years the company has developed a philosophy and style all of its own: a constant search for the best. One that never loses sight of the client’s delight. One based on our ability to learn and grow from our experiences – at least a little - every day.

... the 5 senses of GIORI ...

… sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing: it might sound impossible, but thanks to its large range of products, GIORI reaches every sense.

  • ...sight...
    It’s impossible not to appreciate the crystalline clarity of our grappa, the golden tones of Marameo – our chocolate liqueur – or the naturally intense colours of our fruit steeped in alcohol! Not to mention every product’s stylish and elegant packaging. Sight gives us our first experience of a product, and in doing so, creates an expectation. It sets up our anticipation and unleashes our imagination for what’s to come…
  • ...sound...
    Even before you see the consistency, the sound of the liquid being poured from the bottle into the glass. The empty and full glass are one and yet totally different from each other. The silent wait for the grappa, the sound of the blackberry in our mouth, the tinkle of ice in our cocktail, the background sounds, the people chatting. Every one of our products is accompanied by a moment, a sound, a pause…
  • ...smell...
    The moment of truth comes just before the tasting, with a gesture that says “the decision’s made”. Inhaling the aromas means unmasking them, savouring each layer as it unfolds. Can you predict each sensation as you taste the grappa or fruit, liqueur or cocktail, panettone of grappa jelly? Finally, the wait is over. Let the delight begin!
  • ...touch...
    Touch helps us taste. We feel the temperature of the glass, the freshness of the fruit, the fragility of the wafer that encases the Marameo. The warmth of our hand on the glass is our first contact. Whether we’re rushing or relaxing, delight is a whole body experience.
  • ...taste...
    The moment’s come: short or long, all that matters is the quality. Our mouth moves decisively to taste the liquid fully. It moves slowly to delight our palette. This moment brings the experiences of all the other senses to their finale. As our in and out breaths help us participate more fully, all that remains is the taste. And the knowledge that excellence wins.
  • … drink a little, drink well, drink Giori ….
    This is neither a slogan, nor a warning. It’s the image of a Giori connoisseur. Someone who enjoys every moment of their drink because they not only search for the very best quality, but recognise and value it when they see it. GIORI is for those who prefer to savour the contents of their glass, rather than drink it down; who prefer to taste rather than consume; and enjoy rather than taste. The Giori connoisseur is as familiar with the excellence our company represents as they are with the range of our products. They’re so intimately acquainted with the earth, the sky, the water and scents of Trentino, that they adore each item, each different flavour that’s been first cultivated, then captured in GIORI’s products.
    It’s what helps them constantly rediscover the long line of tradition that made them possible in the first place. So how could this ever be just a “drink”?